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I am proud to be able to share so many warm and wonderful  ​


from past clients I have had the pleasure of working with!

"I love working with owners & their dogs.  Being able to teach people how to become​ Respected Leaders of their Pack,

and then watch them walk away with obedient & happy companions following them​ is the reason I do what I do!" ​​

If you would like to share your testimonial or update,

please email me at ​​

Shelby & Cricket

I need to start with WOW...just WOW. 


For those looking at the price and himming and hawwing, DO IT. You will NOT be disappointed. After a mere 2.5 hours with Tasha I have a completely different dog!


Not only did this Amazing Brilliant Caring woman save my dog, but she helped to alleviate, what had recently become, a consistent argument in my house.


To start off, I consider myself a dog person. For those who know what 4-H is, I put 3 different dogs through the canine project (obedience and agility). So when my hubby decided 3 months before my due date that he was ready to get a dog I wasn't overly concerned about having the new dog in decent shape for our baby boys arrival. We were looking for something in the 4-6 month range and house trained cause I was not bending to pick up puppy messes in my 3rd trimester! . We found ourselves a beautiful Aussie! Now here's were we got a little crazy, she's a double merle, and deaf with hip dysplasia  To top it off our little man decided to show up 6 weeks early and totally threw us for a loop with our schedule! 


Not only did our pretty chill lovable dog turn into this pushy ball of psycho energy, but because we were in the hospital for 10 days she started eating my house.  


Just as me and my husband are thinking we have to rehome this beautiful dog we had just gotten and fallen completely in love with, Tasha flies in, cape and all, and saves the day!!




For those looking at the price and himming and hawwing, DO IT. You will NOT be disappointed.


Cesar Millan has NOTHING on Tasha Deme!!! 

Lisa, Sophia & Isabella


What can I say, meeting Tasha Deme has changed my life.


In 2012, I  introduced a new Yorkie (Isabella) to my family & from day one I was starting to cause problems between my dogs.  My Sophia (3 year old Yorkie at the time), was already spoiled beyond belief, she was allowed to sleep in bed, cuddle on the couch & be right beside me every moment.  She even would accompany me to the bathroom “ just to make sure everything was ok”.  Now, I was allowing Isabella to do the same.


At first I thought it was cute to see Sophia put Isabella in her place and hold her down, I thought she was teaching Isabella to behave.  What I did not realize, was that I had & was creating a monster.  I already had one very strong headed dominant dog & now Isabella was also wanting to be number 1 too.  The girls started getting very jealous of each other and arguing for my time.  Then as Isabella grew, things started to get worse, around the age of one, the fights started.  I know what you are thinking, they are just little dogs how bad could it be.  We’ll let me tell you, it was horrible.  Isabella has this look of it’s about to go down & Sophia would walk sideways in front of Isabella instigating a fight.  With one look there would be a throw down,

blood & me crying trying to get them to stop & trying to pry them apart,

then a trip to the vet.  As the fights escalated, so did the vet bills. 


I had tried putting the girls together, separating them & even started to

rehome Isabella.  One night as I was bawling holding Isabella with her

wounded leg that Sophia bit all the way through her leg (photo attached),

I found Canine Home Schooling & sent Tasha a message to help me.


Tasha has not only become a friend of mine through this whole situation,

she has taught me how to be the leader that my dogs desperately were looking for. 

All the issues were ones that I had caused in my dogs.  I have learned to look for triggers, also not to give up & let my dogs walk all over me.  I even go to the bathroom by myself without supervision, haha.  I have learned how the smallest things like a raised tail or a lifted paw, isn’t cute & is defiance.  One thing to remember is Tasha knows what she is doing & if you are willing to follow through with the suggestions you will have success. 


We still do have set backs from time to time, but with the tools

that Tasha has taught me they are becoming less & less. 

If you told me 2 years ago that I would have both my two Yorkies

sitting together I would have called you a liar.  (See attached photo)


It was Isabella that brought Tasha into my life & I am very fortunate

to have continued to keep both Tasha & Isabella in my life as great friends, 

Thanks Tasha, I could not have done this without you.

Sherry and Gemma 

Hi Tasha, Its been awhile.. a busy while and I haven't had a chance to get in touch with you. I wanted to say that things with Gemma and us (me) are going so well! Thanks so much for coming over for the sessions that you did. You helped me out a lot and Gemma is an awesome rottie girl because of it! Thank you for your time and your insight.

​ Meri, Buddy & Tetris ​


Tasha Deme is amazing! Just a few months ago I had two stubborn mutts that would not listen at all when they were outside. They would beeline for other dogs as soon as they saw them. They just wanted to play and say hello, but try telling that to the owner of a yorkie who is watching over 100 pounds of dog hurtling towards them at top speed... No amount of screaming and yelling would bring them back, and we would have to go over, apologize for the heart attack our dogs caused, and escort the dogs away on leash. They would not sit when asked, or really do anything they did not feel like doing. The male also enjoyed trying to dominate everyone he met.
In present times it is a much happier story! We have been taking them to all sorts of parks, and finally braved the off-leash park at Ginter's meadow. The dogs were absolutely amazing! They stuck with us when we asked, even when there was a bunch of other dogs nearby. They have gotten quite good when we let them "go say hi" and we rarely need to use any physical contact to get them to part ways with their new friends. They even do small things like "sit", "stay", and "jump up on this rock!" when we ask!  We even had a couple watching us do a photo shoot with the dogs, after which they came up and exclaimed "I'm amazed your dogs will sit for pictures like that! We can't even get our kids to be that good!"  I cannot thank Tasha enough for training me to be a pack leader! She has drastically improved life for all of us!




Bente, Abbey and Owen

Although we are in the early stages of our training, I have already noticed a change in my two little yorkies. I have to admit that it was me, who was actually doing it all wrong... So glad to have met Tasha and with every visit Abbey and Owen's behaviour is so much better. Still a work in progress though (oh the incessant barking!!!). Don't think I'll let Tash go! She is definitely a keeper.

Heather for Son, Shine and Obe 

Well as cliche as it may sound Tasha goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to owners, dogs needs

Shes been in our lives now for over two years and from the start of the adoption of my two largest angels. Gifts from heaven ..Son and Shine were born in the wild Sept 2009 just at a time my mother took ill and had to into care.  This left matters at home with two new pups in need of the best chance possible and no direction to turn.  We had been to our usual puppy training but these two needed "at home" sessions as did I, the owner.  I was not able to find the "right" service as high and low as I searched ...then a sign at the gas station off 16 west led me to our "beacon".

She has been through thick and thin with us and as of lately with illness hitting and long awaited time for grieving the loss of my brother she has now come to our rescue with her carpentry skills I sit ill in bed I'm listening to the drill, saws as she extends the fence that son has decided to jump.

No where will you find such a dedicated person.  I only wished I called her sooner rather than leaving it to thinking things would get better

You're our angel Tasha

Brittney and Bandit (Obedience Graduate)


Our training with Tasha has been so rewarding. She has taught us how to raise our Pomeranian/Papillon Cross – “Bandit”. Bandit used to be so aggressive over his food. Now he lies down before we give him the command to go ahead and eat!  We can put his food bowl right in front of his paws, he backs up showing respect over

your food you are giving him !


He now knows how to react when he sees another dog. He simply sits until I tell him he can go say hello. Bandit is great with dogs of all sizes. He also knows he must walk beside me. Since Bandit has done so well in training,

we are now doing Agility Training.


Tasha has such positive reinforcing ways of guiding a dog/puppy the right way ! Bandit is a high energy dog so we must always keep him exercised. Bandit enjoys walks on the ski hill, by the river and even to the store. We now know what kind of life style to lead our puppy into. We also know how much to feed him and what kinds of food and treats. We only choose natural brands of puppy food and only natural-wholesome treats. Bandit is now great with little children and understands to be gentle with them.


One of our worst problems with Bandit was brushing his coat. Since he’s a long haired pup, he must be brushed at least once a day. And his biting or attacking the brush was a big problem but thanks to Tasha and her positive, patient ways, our little teething ball of fluff now understands to be calm with the brush ! He enjoys paling around with our 10 year old Beagle Markus. I would highly recommend Tasha to anybody with a problem with their dog or if they just want a head start and start training a young puppy.


Tasha is such a great dog trainer and I love her methods ! She would be the trainer I would recommend

PAWS DOWN ! Thank you so much Tasha !


From: Brittney J (Age 11)

and Family




(Pictures are Courtesy of Brittney's Mom!!)

Toke (Obedience Graduate)


 ...I have been highly recommending you every where to everyone, as I feel you are the best trainer we have come across...we love, love your approach, and helping me understand my dog better is the big thing with me, from what you taught me it has made Toke and I's relationship so much stronger... so I highly recommend you to everyone for sure!


Christine MacDonald

Jacqui, Scott & Mika  

We have been working with Tasha every week since July 1, 2011, our little one is a very excited Siberian Husky/Timberwolf female name Mika (at this time Mika is 7 1/2 mnths). We have found Tasha to be very excellent with her knowledge and fundamentals on how to know this type of breed of dog and to show us how to handle Mika properly. ​

At the time that we called Tasha we actually heard nothing about her or Canine Home Schooling we saw an advertisement in the yellow pages. We decided simply to go with Tasha because we heard nothing good or bad about her.

Since our first appointment we have seen the change in Mika and the respect that we do get (even though Mika loves to push the boundaries and tries every day and week to try to take control).

We LOVE Tasha and are so happy that we are with Canine Home Schooling. We know that when we do actually have our last session with Tasha that is when Mika will be a well behaved and more loving family member. Until that day comes Tasha will be part our lives and Mika's as well.

Thank you Tasha for being the person you are and your love for what you do.


Jacqui Boyd & Scott Hutchison

Chris (Obedience Graduate) 

Hi Tasha! 


... I have enclosed a few pictures for you. I thought you would get a kick out of the "before and after Tasha" pictures.

The one in black and white is the "before". 


The ripped up shreds of white paper are his

pee pads from the first week we brought 

him home. Ay yi yi, lol.

The "after" pic is the one of him smiling

 on the grass.  He is definitely a happy, content dog :)

The final pic is of him and I going for our walk along the trail at the Dog Park.

Thank you again so much for everything you have done for Chris and more importantly for myself.


I learned so much about proper techniques of the pack 

mentality and I know this knowledge will stay with me forever and keep Chris a happy, well mannered dog for all of his years :)


Chris was such a timid, unsure dog when we picked him up from

the shelter. 


He is now more confident in himself and isnt afraid to see new things knowing that he has a well trained pack leader to guide him along, and that is all thanks to you! 


Take care and talk to you soon! 


Marie and Jay :)



Courtney, Mike and Titus 

Tasha has been working with our Purebred American Pitbull, in regards to his "manners" with other dogs. Trying to correct some of his aggressive behaviors. We have had 2 sessions with her and Rufus, and I feel we have made great strides thus far! Tasha Has fantastic control, and command and uses a leadership style which is easy to duplicate while on our own after the sessions. She is wonderful to work alongside, and gives constant guidance and instruction while working with the dogs, and last time we even had Titus and Rufus playing together at the end of the date!! (muzzle and pack used to calm anxiety a little) I would HIGHLY recommend her to Anyone out there looking for a little -or a lot - of help with their dogs! I will be planning more playdates with Titus, and plan on continuing on with Tasha for awhile.

Lily (Obedience Graduate)

How are you?  Lily and I are doing awesome.  Here is a pic of Lily and me, for your website...

Take care, Josh

Tammy & Dayze 

I was having problems with my 1 1/2 year old boxer.At about 9 months she decided she didn't care for all dogs and she got fairly aggressive with some she just picked and chose which ones to go after.She was also getting very vocal in my truck barking and growling at certain things and people.  I realized I had to to something about it so my husband was checking out the internet and found Tasha .  I gave her a call and she came to see us.  I learned so much that night and one very important thing I learned was that my dog thought she owned me and I thought she was very attached to me.  Tasha set me straight in a hurry about me being the boss not Dayze.That really made things alot easier for me to start being the boss to her.Both of my dogs have responded well to what Tasha has taught us. They are finally realizing that I am the boss not them.Dayze is alot quieter in the truck now she is not perfect yet but she will be.Tasha has showed me how to keep them away from the door when company arrives .It is much nicer now when people come over my dogs are not all over them.The barking at the window has pretty much stopped of course when someone is in my yard she lets me know but I don't have a problem with that.  I learned alot from Tasha and now I know what they mean when they say not to attempt some of the techniques without consulting a professional.  If you do these things wrong the dog is not learning anything.  We will be working on the dog aggression again real soon.  The second time Tasha was out we worked on it but I have a very stubborn dog but Tasha sure told her who was boss.  It took awhile and alot of patience but she got her to submit.  But Dayze still needs more work in that area so we will be doing that again soon.  I would just like to say thank-you to Tasha again for all her help and expertise I know I sure like being the boss in my house now.

Tammy & Dayze

Jamie with Ratchet & Casey

Hi Tasha!

Just a quick note to tell you how much BETTER everything has been.  I did decide to take both dogs with me and my boys yesterday.  Ratchet growled at Casey, so I made him get out and I put him on his side, then let him back in the truck.  He avoided her most of the day but today initiated playing with her. :-D  They were running & chasing.  I have also been correcting Casey if she tries to nurse off of Ratchet.  Thank you again for all of your help and support.   Im sure we will be in touch again.  I will keep working with Ratchet & Casey.




My Answer was "Time with Tasha"

For some time now I've been searching for an "at home" trainer. Most are unable to attend to client homes as trainers on contract with others.
I rescued two siblings from a litter of 8 born in an underground den off Chief Lake road October 2009. They attended training as all my pups do. However as brother and sisters they needed more. And as I did!!
I found Tasha's add out of coincidence one night and it's been the answer to our prayers and needs.
In home schooling is just what we needed. My first session with Tasha was amazing. She had us turnaround in one lesson. We continue today and soon will have my dogs tracking or sledding next season.
Tasha has shown me enthusiasm and commitment throughout all our training needs. Her coaching of the owner goes beyond. I consider her our "dog whisperer"

with Son, Shine and Ohbe
(Son & Shine - Shepherd/Husky X, Obhe - Min Pin)

Laurie & Pack

Hi Tasha,


I just wanted to thank you. The walks are pleasant and when we get company it is quiet and all my friends are impressed.  We even had the daughters puppy here yesterday and they all got along awesome.


Big Puppy Kisses



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