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I started my business because of my dogs.  They taught me 2 of the most important things you need to create a special and lasting bond with them...Trust & Respect.  Trust is gained through patience & understanding.  Respect is gained by being a stable leader who balances rules & love evenly.  These are lessons I have learned from my dogs. :)   My Pack is 100% responsible for teaching me how to properly and successfully communicate with dogs...And even though they will never read this page or understand how important they are in my business, I will always be very thankful and have great love & respect for all they have taught me and all that they do!​

Doing some obedience work in the Mount Robson parking lot on a lovely summer day

No matter how much we understand and learn about dogs, there is no better teacher for a dog then another long as that dog

is stable, balanced and well mannered.  My pack have been taught to accompany me to sessions to assist in teaching & socialization.

 They have also been integral parts in helping me with the successful rehabilitation process of the many dogs we have

rescued and re-homed over the years!



Our Little Boy "Scout"

DOB: July 23, 2021


Tri-color Beagle

scout n fish_edited.jpg

Scout is proving to be just the perfect addition to our pack, and to my business.  This little guy is super smart and learns very quickly. 

Being a beagle, his nose is always working, so the first and most important command we have already mastered is "come".  He sits,

stays, lies down and comes on command, and also learned leave it, drop it, look at me and go find it before he was 4 months old! 

He also loves retrieving back to hand and when he gets side tracked we have recently taught him the command bring it here!

Right now we are working on him learning the different names of his toys, and very soon I will be introducing him to the wonderful sport of Tracking!  He has already been to his first couple of sessions, and has decided that when I put my jacket on to go to work, that he should be coming with me lol!  Sadly, he can't come all the time, so he is already learning early how to deal with life's disappointments hahaha! ;-) 

I am looking very forward to sharing the love and great personality this little guy has, with all of my future clients and their dogs!!

Bednesti's Ladybird Dolly​

​DOB: January 1, 2014


Fox Red Labrador Retriever

20181221_134236 (2)_edited.jpg

Ladybird aka my Lady, is the daughter of Mally & Dodger.  She is the first puppy I have ever owned, that I have known since birth...and the experience has been a complete mixed blessing!  My first thought when we decided to keep her, was that she would listen to me better then all the other dogs I had owned, because I had been working with her from birth.  For the first few months of her life that was true, but as she started getting older, and really started bonding with her daddy, I noticed that her focus on me was fading and getting her to listen to me was becoming increasingly difficult.  I really had to start taking Lady out alone with me for some one on one time in order to fix her "selective listening" with me.  It took me about 4 months of hard work to regain her focus on me, and just as we had made progress with all of that, she was attacked by a couple of neighbour dogs.  After that experience, my once "happy to meet any dog" pup, became reactive to any dog that came up to us. I then had about 1 year of hard work fixing her insecurities...and MINE...when other dogs would approach us.  After that year, we were both better, and Lady became my main work mate again, joining me at sessions and helping many dogs with distraction and socialization over the years.  Lady became a refresher course for me, from the perspective of an owner with a problem pooch, in the hard work that is involved in fixing issues with our dogs.  I thank God for reminding me what is feels like to be in my clients shoes, by blessing me with Lady and humbling me with all the experiences we have been through together.  Of all of our dogs, Lady is by far our most snuggly dog.  She thinks she is a lap dog, and will snuggle up with you for as long as you can handle the love.  Our Ladybird loves retrieving anything you throw, she loves finding anything you hide, and loves to be out playing in the forest and on the trails as much as possible!

Ferguson's Bednesti O'Mally TD​

​DOB: September 7, 2009


Fox Red Labrador Retriever


O'Mally aka our "Mally-Boo" is a lovely medium energy dog who loves field retrieving, water retrieving and has proven herself to be a wonderful tracking dog, bringing home a CKC Tracking Dog Title her first time out!   One summer, in my effort to add more variety to the dog sport sessions I offer, we bought some frisbees.  Mally immediately caught on to what we wanted her to do, and every time she would catch that long distance thrown frisbee out of the air, she looked so proud of herself running it back to my open hand so I could throw it for her again!   One day my husband presented her with both a ball and a frisbee and asked her "which one?", to which she immediately hopped towards the frisbee and touched it with her nose!   From that day on, til today...her most favourite object to retrieve anywhere, a frisbee!!  Mally was our breeding female when we bred Fox Red Labs, and blessed us with our Ladybird.  Mally used to come with me to sessions all the time, and was just amazing at her socializing skills with other dogs.  She was gentle with the small and submissive dogs, matched strength and play with the mid level dogs, and was respectful of the dominant dogs.  Mally occasionally still comes along with me to sessions, but has become a bit lazy in her twilight years, and usually just prefers to stay home and sleep belly to the sky or sprawled out on the couch now!

Featherfindin Blackpowder Petey TD

DOB: June 29, 2007


Black Labrador Retriever


​Petey aka our "Peteyson" (we had watched the original Karate Kid right after we got her), is the oldest member of my pack and the reason I started to work with dogs. Back in her prime, Petey loved tracking, field retrieving, water retrieving and swimming.  Petey is also very happy when snow comes, because of all the balls she loves to fetch, snowballs are her favourite choice!  One of my favourite times with my Petey was when her and I attended our first ever competition...a CKC tracking competition, and we both came home with our first title...a CKC TD "Tracking Dog" title!  After that day we were both hooked, and got out whenever we could to track for fun.  I loved tracking with Petey because of how much SHE enjoyed doing it.  Petey was the first dog who came with me to sessions and group classes, and could not wait to jump in the truck and come to work with me.  After our days out working with other dogs, she would come home and curl up next to me for the rest of the evening as content as she could be.  She was an awesome work mate, and everywhere she went everyone just loved our Petey!  Now my girl spends her days mostly sleeping and getting lots of hugs and pets in between.  She is a slow mover nowadays, but still enjoys a good game of pass (I throw her the ball, she catches it and passes it back to me...all from her usual lying down position lol!), nice short walks in the woods, and being pulled in her wagon for our longer walks!

Crimson Dodger of Morgan's Point​

​DOB: July 9, 2011


Fox Red Labrador Retriever

To my couch buddy and my handsome boy...I am still in shock over losing you so unexpectedly.  The big C took you from us way too soon.  I miss your energy, your always happy and playful demeanour, and the way you jumped around in circles when we went out to play.  I miss your 1-2's, and how you always tried to cheer me up if I was sad.  You taught me so much with regards to helping tense dogs with your patented nose touch therapy!  You helped to relax so many rescues that came into our home when you were young...with your "Doctor Dodger" ways lol!  Your kangaroo genes got me doing a dog sport I never thought I would do, and thanks to you, I built agility equipment that is still used today by other dogs to learn and have fun with, so thank you for giving me that experience, and the ability to share it with other dogs and their owners.  Every time I use that equipment, a part of you is there with me and I will forever be grateful to you for opening my world up to the fun of agility!  Lady and I miss your companionship and love...and I wish I could have one more day to just hold you again.  Keep a couch warm for me up in heaven, cuz when I see you again my boy, the first thing we are gonna do is snuggle on the couch. 

Love you and miss you my buddy! xoxoxo

dog angel wings.png

Ferguson's Chiquita Charlie

DOB: February 17, 2008


Yellow Labrador Retriever

dog angel wings.png

Dear Charlie Bear...My strong yet gentle girl.  My obedience queen!  You were just so easy to love and work with.  every time I see a rubber orange chuck-it ball I always think of you.  You were the happiest when the game of fetch was over and you could go lie down and just chew on the ball for hours.  You taught me all about the top of the canine hierarchy, and how to be a leader with calmness and confidence,,,because that was you.  You were a people dog, that's for sure, and everyone you met, loved you just as much as we did! You will always be close to my heart. I miss you, I miss your smile, and I cannot wait to play with you again some day.  I love you Charlie!  Make sure you share the balls with all the others poochies in Heaven. xoxoxo

Big Red Rufus​

DOB: February 9, 2010


Fox Red Labrador Retriever

dog angel wings.png

​My sweet boy, you were such a wonderful dog, a loyal companion and great work mate.  You were the biggest challenge

to teach as a puppy, but became my best all around dog, and I never had to worry about you being anything but a well behaved and friendly to everyone dog when we went out!  You helped me to teach & socialize so many

dogs over the years and your huge contribution to Canine Home Schooling will forever be

remembered and cherished.  Your presence in my life and in our family will forever be held warmly in my heart.

REST IN PEACE RUFUS...I know one day we will meet again.  I love you with all my heart. xoxoxo 

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